For nearly two decades Affiliated PET Systems, LLC (“APS”), an affiliate of Holy Cross Hospital, has been the premier provider of outpatient PET/CT and diagnostic CT imaging services.

Our mission—and our passion—is to consistently deliver the highest quality diagnostic PET/CT services, providing timely information to physicians and patients to make informed decisions about disease and treatment options.  We create facilities and an environment where we would take our loved ones and treat all patients with kindness, humanity, and professionalism.

Originally formed in 2001, Affiliated PET Systems has continually focused on providing excellent clinical and compassionate care for our patients, as well as, educating physicians, patients, and the community on the advantages and new developments of PET/CT Imaging.  To date, APS continues to maintain its status as the most trusted PET/CT and Diagnostic CT provider in the area.

We are committed to providing a customer-centered workplace where continuous quality improvement is practiced and delivering exceptional patient care and customer satisfaction is emphasized.  Quality, teamwork, support, respect, and accountability are the hallmarks of our professional work environment.

Affiliated PET Systems | Trusted PET/CT & Diagnostic CT Imaging Provider